Our Story

We are Candice and Jeremy DeLoach, the creative minds and busy hands behind North End Design! We are excited to introduce you to our company and our family. We met and fell in love in Northwest Idaho, and 3 years and a couple of kids later, we moved to Jeremy’s home state of Louisiana in 2010.We now have 5 kids – Jace, Adilynn, Hallie, Kyler and Eva, whom we are in the process of adopting through foster care.

We are passionate about family, and that passion led to designing homes that families will thrive in – homes that are functional, beautiful, and timeless. We love taking on something old and worn, and breathing fresh life into a place with years of history and stories.

Like the two of us, North End Design incorporates both elements of the Northwest and the South; the fresh, clean colors and dynamic architecture of the mountains and rivers of the Northwest, and the comfort and style of vintage farmhouse and homey front porch aesthetics.